Saturday, April 25, 2009


by Tobias
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Wes Anderson's meticulous craft has only grown increasingly brilliant and indulgent with each film. The ability it takes to transport visual trademarks of his kind out of a technical comfort zone and apply them in a far off foreign land is one of greatness; takes some serious cinema skillz. His notoriously idiosyncratic style also frequently makes him an easy target for critics who feel he dishes out the same thing over and over - but I feel many of them overlook the loads of personal depth and human longing on full display in all of his work. I think those who equate his quirk with superficial kitsch are blindly mistaken.

I like just about everything about THE DARJEELING LIMITED. The fable quality of these three brothers' journey taps into a lot of real feelings and attitudes I and my siblings have. Although it's probably my least favorite of Anderson's stuff so far (and I also love HOTEL CHEVALIER, the prologue to this, a lot more) I still believe DARJEELING is one of the great feature length American films of 2007. For me, Wes Anderson belongs to a league of screen masters who always deliver a type of cinema that can only be associated with their distinct art look and feel (Luis Bunuel, David Lynch). He's just one of the few American directors that I feel is doing anything remotely interesting and inventive with comedy movies at this point in time, even when he's doing one about the same themes he's already tirelessly explored.

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