Wednesday, April 29, 2009


by Tobias
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Yet another brilliant jewel to emerge from Iran's new wave, and ironically, hardly anyone in that country will see it because it's not allowed to be screened there. The reasons will become obvious to you within a few minutes of viewing OFFSIDE

I found the structure of this film to be refreshingly organic; it feels like a political documentary while it lasts, never like conventional narrative fiction. OFFSIDE sheds light on the absurdity of the suffocating social bubble many women are stuck in in many countries stubbornly ruled by theocratic ideology - and I love how it emphasizes how simple communication can be a driving force to help undo silly national gender barriers. As always, the use of simple wit and allegory are director Jafar Panahi's effective weapons of choice. He's truly one of the great artistic forces at work in political world cinema currently, I eagerly anticipate his next. I also love how his energetic and sometimes devastating human drama's are always perfectly balanced with a great deal of pragmatic hope.

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