Saturday, April 25, 2009

Viewing Journal: 4/25/2009

(2007 dir. David Silverman) 3rd Viewing: December 20 2009
4 out of 5 stars

I feel like I was raised by this family, so naturally I'm crazy about this movie. One of my only complaints, and it's a silly one, is that it almost feels too short and compact. Hell, I'd pay to see a 4 hour Simpsons movie. Wouldn't you? While it lasts, the movie is truly epic and high-larious. It was one of my more enjoyable moviegoing experiences of '07. To me, it never feels like a drawn out TV episode (like STEWIE GRIFFIN: THE UNTOLD STORY). Other than the length, I'm enamored with almost everything about it. Love the writing. Almost a perfect TV-to-film adaptation in mein eyes. Yay for the original writers! The animation is pretty low tech but nicely polished. And I got enough of a dose of Comic Book Store Guy, so I'm set. I can't believe the likeable but forgettable SURF'S UP got nominated for Best Animated Feature by the AMPAS over this and AQUA TEEN. It's a damn outrage I say! While THE SIMPSONS MOVIE may be no RATATOUILLE, PERSEPLOIS or PAPRIKA, it was still certainly a wee bit better than SURF'S UP. For the majority of Americans, fans & non-fans alike, these characters are engraved into our collective conscience, so it felt really good and cathartic even for me to finally see them represented on the glorious cinema screen. I feel as if I know all of them personally in real-life, even though they're silly larger-than-life cartoons.

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  1. Burns: Quick, Smithers! Hop in the Spruce Moose!

    Smithers: But sir, it's only a mod...

    Burns: (pulling back hammer on gun) I said "hop in."