Friday, April 24, 2009


by Tobias
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Just as A BUG'S LIFE invites comparisons to Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI, Pixar's latest gem WALL*E is a fancy sci-fi riff on Chaplin's silent Little Tramp films, particularly MODERN TIMES and CITY LIGHTS. You could also mention that the small trash compactor himself is influenced by many cinema archetypes ranging from R2D2 to E.T., but to dismiss WALL*E as merely a cute homage is a cowardly evasion. Like anything else the Pixar animators dish out, this film has more spark and originality in its frames than most animated films do in a 10 year period. For a children's movie distributed by the Disney corporation, WALL*E speaks volumes about the negative aspects of consumer culture. But behind its bleak message about the future of garbage, also lies a hopeful and romantic portrait of love and kindness. Everything about the mechanical protagonist (with oddly human peepers) and his love interest EVE, paints a romantic picture of the importance of our species collective inheritance. He's learned everything about us from studying our crap. And oddly enough, in return, he glorifies mankind's greatest redeeming virtues: hard work, responsibility, creation, fidelity, and the nobility of selflessness. The amount of bizarre and imaginative sub-cultures writer/director Andrew Stanton can conjure up never ceases to amaze me. My favourite animated film of 2008.

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