Sunday, May 3, 2009


by Tobias

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The fine line between dreams and reality has been Neil Gaiman's signature obsession on paper for sometime, and I believe stop-motion master Henry Selick (JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH) has brought one of the author's best stories to the screen with his dark adaptation of CORALINE.

This is one of the best uses of 3D technology that I've seen at the cinema, there aren't gimmicky shots of shit flying at the audience for shock sake (MY BLOODY VALENTINE: 3D), instead Selick uses the technique as a means to immerse the audience visually in an otherworldly atmosphere where landscapes and objects feel like they have real texture. You feel like you become a part of this ALICE IN WONDERLAND quality story, It's really a thrill for the senses while it lasts, wish it was longer though. Every frame of the movie has an imaginative richly layered depth, there's always something interesting going on in every corner of every frame.

Although she's a hyper stylized character with a ginormous head, this plucky little girl is very endearing and realistic. I think Coraline embodies the imagination and longing of adolescent life at that age so well, makes me wonder where Neil Gaiman got his inspiration for her character from. In a slightly different way, I think she's just as good a role model for young girls as Abigail Breslin's title character from last years KIT KITTRIDGE: AN AMERICAN GIRL.

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