Tuesday, May 5, 2009


by Tobias

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One of the more uncompromising works ever committed to celluloid alongside UN CHIEN ANDALOU and BEGOTTEN.

This is what it would probably look and feel like if you could photograph the inner workings of David Lynch's mind while he was having a fever induced nightmare. Personally for me, it's the only filmed art that has come strangely close to actually resembling the atmosphere and imagery of my weirdest nightmares. The kind of dreams you wake up from scared but then start to laugh once you think about them in detail.

I can't recommend this picture for most people, and that's not because i feel like the majority of American audiences are dumb, it's because I believe most people are systematically conditioned to intellectually respond only to much more traditionally structured and narrative films that have very clear stories and obvious themes. Possibly conditioned by televised programming? I don't know. I don't mean to sound arrogant or condescending if you take it that way. I just feel like it's polite and probably best to not expose someone to this film who you suspect only appreciates films that are aesthetically similar to genre literature. Lynch's work is aesthetically more similar to surrealist poetry and paintings. It appeals more to the right hemisphere of the human brain. I can imagine how frustrating and pointless a picture like ERASERHEAD could be perceived by a person who is analytically on a different track. I've observed many personality types that are much more comfortable and content in a proverbial psychological bubble where all film and art is similar and realistic and nothing too strange ever happens without being deciphered or explained in the end.

There must be a rule somewhere that states the cinema is not allowed to evolve or be unconventional or daring or personal or anything all of the other fine arts are allowed to be.

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