Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Viewing Journal: 6/16/2010

(2009 dir. Adam Elliot) 2nd Viewing: June 16 2010

Watched the brand new blu-ray of this today. It remains one of my favourite animated films of 2009. An unbearably sweet story full of human longing. Crafted with great love and voiced by great talent.

(2010 dir. Joe Carnahan) Date Seen: June 16 2010

This has been a particularly bad summer for action movies in my opinion. Though not anywhere near as horrid as his previous SMOKIN' ACES (2006), Joe Carnahan still directs his last few actioneers like a less savvy subnormal Tony Scott. There are only a handful of modern directors left that still know how to choreograph and frame dynamic action sequences, and this guy is sadly proving not to be one of them. I'm beginning to fear we may never see the return of the same slick filmmaker that once brought us the ultra-gritty NARC and the admirable student film BLOOD, GUTS, BULLETS AND OCTANE. One of the only redeeming aspects of this dud is the amusing cast, they do their best with Carnahan's wildly unfunny script and actually bring a little charisma to their characters. I think I'm in the minority when I admit I liked THE LOSERS a little more than this.

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