Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Viewing Journal: 6/22/2010

(2010 dir. Jimmy Hayward) Date Seen: June 22 2010

Supporters of LGBT rights (myself included) shouldn't be the only people hearing the message this film delivers, but that seems to be the only crowd it's getting through to. Perhaps this is do to the familiar documentary form it's presented in? It preaches to the converted while not saying much to change the minds of those opposed to gay marriage. I think it's just loving and informative enough to capture the interest of socially conscious liberals, but not bold or inflammatory enough to spark aggressive grassroots activism. If you care about the outcome of Proposition 8 (aka the Bogus California Marriage Protection Act) you should see this. Educational stuff.

(2010 dir. Jimmy Hayward) Date Seen: June 22 2010

This wasn't very good. It reminded me of other sloppy superhero movies like SPAWN and GHOST RIDER. I hear it had a very troubled production. And that would make sense, because it doesn't feel like a completed project. So much is off. I really wish Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor had stayed on as the directors because I think they have a keen eye for over-the-top action that Jimmy Hayward doesn't possess. Their brand of adrenalized slapstick would have benefited this film immensely. Having said that, I did enjoy JONAH HEX a little more than the other shitty action films that are currently out i.e. THE A-TEAM and PRINCE OF PERSIA. It's at least entertainingly bad at parts. I also really liked Michael Fassbender, basically playing Alex from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971) here. He's one of my favourite new actors. Minor footnote: My buddy John Chambers has a pretty funny part in this movie as the town imbecile at the beginning. It made me laugh pretty hard.

(1991 dir. Joseph B. Vasquez) Date Seen: June 22 2010

I've had more trouble finding Joseph B. Vasquez's work than I have Abel Ferrara and Charles Burnett's combined. I FINALLY saw this on VHS tonight, and I wasn't disappointed. It captures the spirit of a time and place better than a lot of American indies of the early 90s. It has an energy and humor to it that's usually absent in mainstream films about aimless youth. I'd compare it to Fellini's I VITELLONI (1953) and Scorsese's MEAN STREETS (1973). It also has what I think is John Lugiazamo's best performance...Wait. I'm forgetting that clown from SPAWN.

(2009 dir. Christian Alvart) 2nd Viewing: June 22 2010

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