Sunday, July 25, 2010

Viewing Journal: 7/25/2010

159) [REC] 2
(2010 dir. Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza) Date Seen: July 25 2010


(2010 dir. Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger) Date Seen: July 25 2010

On a visceral level, RESTREPO is the most intense documentary I've seen about combat. A lot of the footage the filmmakers gathered is truly horrific. But it's also one of the most intimate and compelling portraits of troops in the field that I've seen. By the end you really get an idea of what kind of shit is going down in Afghanistan and what it means to the men fighting there. I definitely think all U.S. citizens should see it. Regardless of your opinion of the war.

(2009 dir. John Woo) 2nd Viewing: July 25 2010

Many of the 2 part international version's amazing segments remain largely intact here, but as a whole I'd say this version butchers the overall effect of John Woo's intended vision.

(1995 dir. Paul Verhoeven) 3rd Viewing: July 25 2010

Quite possibly the most misunderstood film of the 90s. Verhoeven is a brilliant satirist and one of the true visionaries working in film. If you think people give him crap for this now wait until he adapts his version of JESUS OF NAZARETH. Viewers more open to exploitation cinema- check out the outstanding new blu-ray of SHOWGIRLS. It's a trip.

155) HULK
(2003 dir. Ang Lee) 2nd Viewing: July 25 2010

I believe it's flawed in the narrative department, but also an admirable attempt at capturing the tone of 60s comic books. Watched it at 1am this morn with my roommate (who came home tipsy) and was quite amused by Ang Lee's cheesy edits and surprised by the stylish craft. I hadn't seen it since its initial release in 2003.

154) HEAT
(1995 dir. Michael Mann) 3rd Viewing: July 25 2010

Netflix FINALLY fixed their audio problems with the streaming version of this. All these years later, HEAT still kicks much ass. One of the best films of '95 no doubt. Matt Zoller Seitz is right, at times the movie feels a lot more like a sprawling ensemble drama than it does an urban crime film. "MAGNOLIA with gun play" indeed.

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