Saturday, July 31, 2010

Viewing Journal: 7/31/2010

(2010 dir. Louis Leterrier) 2nd Viewing: July 31 2010

My roommate was watching this today on HBO so I sat through it again in my jammies. It remains a generic shit-colored fantasy. I think one of the only reasons I remember the original fondly is due to its endearing "jerky" Harryhausen effects. This one doesn't even have that going for it. I'm a fan of these hero stories as much as the next geek, but this one just needs some type of dressing up to distract from how routinely dull it is. It's a lot of bad unimaginative c.g. action staged with little style. Like watching a feature length video game cut-scene... But hey, at least it did give us the novelty of Liam Neeson saying this line:

(1998 dir. Christopher Nolan) 2nd Viewing: July 31 2010

Nolan's debut still holds up! Moody and eccentric in its construction. Who knew he would move on to such mega budget projects with the level of creative free reign he's been given. Few cinemagicians are awarded those opportunities. And even though I wasn't crazy about INCEPTION or his remake of INSOMNIA, I will always appreciate having a showman of his caliber around creating work. Because occasionally he does produce pure movie joy like THE PRESTIGE and THE DARK KNIGHT. This one's currently on Netflix watch-instantly. 

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