Thursday, July 8, 2010

Viewing Journal: 7/8/2010

(2010 dir. Martin Scorsese) 2nd Viewing: July 8 2010

This blu-ray is phenomenal. And the film itself only gets better with each viewing. At first it comes off as a standard insane asylum thriller, but if you look closer you realize just how intricate Teddy's madness is. Then we understand how dangerous he is. That's where the real horror of the film lies. In how people form powerful delusions to deny their reality and personal trauma. It's a flawed masterpiece. The kind with vision the old Hollywood studios used to produce all the time. Bravo, Scorsese.

(2010 dir. Breck Eisner) 3rd Viewing: July 8 2010

Had a movie date tonight. She wanted to see this. So I watched it once again.. I'll be damned if it's not one of the finer horror films of 2010. You turdburglars at Platinum Dunes take note; this is how you remake a genre classic!

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