Sunday, March 27, 2011

Viewing Journal: 3/27/2011

(2011 dir. Todd Haynes) Date Seen: March 27 2011


(2011 dir. Zack Snyder) Date Seen: March 27 2011

As much as I disliked this film, and most of Zack Snyder's prior work, I'm still cautiously optimistic about his upcoming Superman film.. I feel like I have the cinematic equivalent of Battered Wife Syndrome when it comes to Snyder. I know he's a talented dude (And the theatrical trailers & ads for his work are always enticing as all get out) so I keep coming back to him with high hopes.. and then he hurts me so! For what it's worth, I really really loved that Owl-Hobbit movie LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS (2010).

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