Friday, November 16, 2012

Viewing Journal: 11/16/2012

(2012 dir. Steven Spielberg) Date Seen: November 16 2012
Would've been just as compelling as a stage production. That's a testament to Tony Kushner's stellar screenplay, a graceful rendition of Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals and tons of Honest Abe's own personal letters. Historically comprehensive and heartfelt. It goes without saying, the entire ensemble is AMAZING. Day-Lewis's bravura interpretation of the man/the legend is without a doubt now my favorite in all film history (Sorry, Fonda).. He's at turns a philosopher, a loving father, a patient near-Saintly husband and an extremely articulate politician. Keeping at bay more than a hint of rage and melancholy under the surface. It's a performance to marvel at. The direction by Señor Spielbergo is surprisingly subdued. Not the usual flair one would normally associate with his work. Besides John Wiliams' usual forte & Janusz Kaminski's lighting, there are really only a few scenes that would even indicate it was a Spielberg picture. Of course, I do prefer the more energetic action oriented "genre" Spielberg to the Civics teacher "Historical Conscience" Spielberg, but this is still grand. Definitely required viewing for 2012 in my opinion.

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