Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Viewing Journal: 10/1/2013

(1987 dir. John Carpenter) Date Seen: October 1 2013
Finally, I can cross-off my only Carpenter blindspot. Hooray for the cinema completionist in me! I'd heard for years this was supposed to be some type of conceptual train wreck, but I didn't perceive it that way at all. While not Carpenter's best movie, it's certainly not one of his worst (We'll leave that designation open for MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN). Few horror movies have presented an apocalyptic scenario with as much style and wit as this. Would make a great "Evil Prophecy" double-bill with his earlier hit THE FOG (1980).

309) FAUST
(1926 dir. F.W. Marnau) 2nd Viewing: October 1 2013

Feels like even more of a surreal fever-induced nightmare than Marnau's own more famous NOSFERATU from a few years prior. His expressionist approach to supernatural horror has left a lasting imprint on my (& I'm sure everyone's) subconscious. The lighting, miniatures/models & matte paintings are still flawless to this day.

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