Saturday, October 25, 2014

Viewing Journal: 10/25/2014

491) V/H/S VIRAL
(2014 dir. lots of dudes) Date Seen: October 25 2014

individual segments: (favorites highlighted red) 

  • Marcel Sarmiento's "Vicious Circles"                            *1/2
  • Gregg Bishop's "Dante the Great"                                  *1/2
  • Nacho Vigalondo's "Parallel Monsters"                        ***1/2
  • Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson's "Bonestorm"        **1/2
Outside of Nacho's terrific & hilarious "Parallel Monsters" segment, this one's a complete waste of time. That's the potentially frustrating thing about horror anthologies, ya never really know what's in store as far as variety, but you at least hope a handful are inspired. Not even sure why Magnet released this thing yet as it does not feel complete. A segment (or two) were even cut last minute before release. And I cannot believe how scatter-brained and un-scary the main frame-narrative is by Marcel Sarmiento. He was responsible for my favorite short film of last year; D IS FOR DOGFIGHT. I'm really hoping that wasn't some kind of artistic fluke.

(2014 dir. Tsai Ming-liang) Date Seen: October 25 2014



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