Friday, October 3, 2014

Viewing Journal: 10/3/2014

(2014 dir. Vic Armstrong) Date Seen: October 3 2014
As a man who considers himself something of a Christian humanist, in the tradition of Victor Hugo & Dickens, the condescending & puritan worldview on display here did irk me quite a bit. But the film's real sins are that of a cinematic nature. It's unbelievably lousy in every department. Unimaginative & lacking any directorial vision. How did this get a wide release? Without reshoots, rewrites or major post-prod doctoring? This plot is directly lifted from Stephen King's "Langoliers" with an added religious twist. All these problems only intensified my initial emotional response to the myopic book content. A sub-Roland Emmerich disaster fest, masquerading as something good for the soul. Made for and by creepy American evangelicals.

Shame on the creators and backers of this turd. 2nd worst film of the year so far. Thank God in heaven I didn't pay to see it.


(1974 dir. Pete Walker) Date Seen: October 3 2014


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