Friday, June 26, 2015

Viewing Journal: 6/26/2015

238) MAX
(2015 dir. Boaz Yakin) Date Seen: June 26 2015
"Lassie Come Home From War"

I hate to poo poo on a film with such good intentions, but I found the proceedings dull as hell. Hoping for an animal picture as thematically rich as Sam Fuller's WHITE DOG (1982), I was disappointed. A much more nuanced film about humans & animals with PTSD could've been delivered... But at least the genuine sentiment is there.

I fear the Boaz Yakin that once gave us FRESH (1994) may no longer be.

(1950 dir. Jean Genet) 2nd Viewing: June 26 2015
this viewing was in honor of the Supreme Court's historic Marriage Equality ruling! The pictured film being one of the earliest examples of proud Queer Cinema I can think of & a triumph for the moving image. A hypnotic dream of stark contrasts. Unapologetic.

I've just been in a state of elation ever since the news this morning & wanted to watch something in praise of love. Truly one of the great civil rights triumphs of our time, & something I thought I would never ever see in my home state. Thank god my cynicism was proven wrong. 

So here's to you, my LGBT friends & family! You've earned this victory.
A big step in the right direction for our Republic. Now, with a renewed sense of optimism, let's extinguish the many other faces of inequality that remain.

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