Friday, April 14, 2017

Viewing Journal: 4/14/2017

(2017 dir. Elliott Lester) Date Seen: April 14 2017
Like his character in END OF DAYS (1999), this struck me as a strange part for Schwarzenegger to choose. He's proven he has dramatic chops in the past with things like ESCAPE PLAN (2013) but some of these characters are just too damn brooding & mopey for his presence. Like watching him struggle with a feature length hangover. I am happy to see him branching out at his age though.


(1989 dir. Peter Jackson) 2nd Viewing: April 14 2017
It's a shame we never got a Massive Headwound Harry movie but Peter Jackson's BAD TASTE is the next best thing.

(1961 dir. Poul Bang, Sidney W. Pink) Date Seen: April 14 2017
I'm pretty sure reptiles regenerate their tails and not the other way around. All the technical & aesthetic incompetence on display here is bad, but it was that main plot point I just couldn't get over. Why the fuck would a severed tail regenerate an entire dinosaur. Haha

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