Monday, August 30, 2010

Viewing Journal: 8/30/2010

(2009 dir. James Cameron) 4th Viewing: August 30 2010

Caught the Special Edition re-release of this at my local IMAX today. In 3Dizzle! The extra footage neither adds nor takes away anything from the overall experience. It remains an exhilarating piece of event movie fantasy. Few directors stage action as fluidly or build worlds as awe-inspiring as Cameron. Even though he's no stranger to the latest & greatest in filmmaking tech, he's a total classicist at heart when it comes to understanding what makes cinema grand & unique; Movement... Kī́nēsis, that old-timey word for motion from which our "cinema" derives. All hail Jimbo Cameron! Our wizardly futurist of the Big-Screen! King amongst nerds!

(1971 dir. Nicolas Roeg) 2nd Viewing: August 30 2010


(1981 dir. Brian De Palma) 3rd Viewing: August 30 2010


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