Friday, July 9, 2010

Viewing Journal: 7/9/2010

(2010 dir. Nimrod Antal) Date Seen: July 9 2010

Rather liked the first two acts, disappointed in the finale. It is admittedly a minor step back for Mr. Antal post VACANCY and KONTROLL, but I think he has the action chops to elevate this unnecessary reboot above the level of pure cash grab. It's light years better than something like TERMINATOR SALVATION. As a genre craftsman, Antal reminds me of a young John Carpenter and I wish he would pick material more worthy of his talent..But I guess it's good that he's not a snob. PREDATORS is a much better return to franchise form than previous silly entries like ALIEN VS PREDATOR. I do wish it didn't take itself so serious and had more comic relief. But at least it's as entertaining as BATTLE ROYALE at parts. That's the highest praise you're gonna get from me.

(2007 dir. Andrea Arnold) 2nd Viewing: July 9 2010

Unlike most people I know, I actually like FISH TANK more than this. But it is an outstanding feature debut for Andrea Arnold, even if her sophomore film clicks with me more on a personal level. Regardless of preference, RED ROAD was one of the most effective thrillers of 2007 for sure.

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